August 29, 2016


Can't you see the result? why? The result is already there, you just don't appreciate it. All of your hardwork has already been rewarded, you can't see it because you are expecting more and you are being so impatient, that is why you can't see it. Or maybe you think you can have it fast for just trying a few times. You can't get something big if you are just exerting a small amount of effort. This is not a pyramiding scam type of thing, this is real life. It is not about recruiting a bunch of idiots and letting them do the work for you. If you really want to succeed in life, if you want to stay on top forever then work forever.

The results is already there. If you've been running for 30 minutes a day because you are preparing for a wild competition then your work will give you an edge. If you gassed out already in the competition after competing for just 5 minutes... don't ever think that what you did didn't work, don't think that your preparation didn't create a participation. Even if you gassed out, if you didn't run for 30 minutes a day... maybe you will gassed out for the first 2 minutes only.

If you study for 3 straight hours last night and you only get a passing grade of 75% in your exam... don't ever think that you are stupid or your studying didn't helped you. If you didn't study then maybe your grade is only below 60% or even worse. What you are doing is working, it already gave you a result, you are just not appreciating it. Wouldn't you want a passing grade? If you are expecting more then you should do more. You will get what you deserve so what you need to look at is what you are doing and not the results itself.

You didn't eat dinner for seven straight days but you only lose one pound. You think that you are just punishing yourself by hunger and still you are not cutting weight. Come to think of it, if you didn't skip dinner for days then maybe you gain more pounds instead of losing a pound. You already produce a result even if it is very tiny so be happy with it. Keep on skipping dinners for years and maybe you will become thin like a needle. You just need to continue, you just need to be consistent.

If you visualized scoring 35 points last night and you only scored five points today... don't doubt your visualization technique. It already gave you a result. If you didn't visualize then maybe you will only scored 2 points. It did work, not only as you expected. Maybe you should visualize longer so you can score higher. Make adjustments so you can produce better results next time.

In any kind of preparation that you are doing... it will give you results. You just need to analyze what kind of result did you get. If you are getting lesser than what you expected, it only means your preparation is not congruent to your target. If you prepare less then you will also get lesser results. If you work slow then your progress will also be slow. You can't cheat the system, you can't expect more if you are not doing more. You get what you deserve not what you want.

Appreciate every result that you are getting because it is the product of your labor. If you are not satisfied with it then you better check what you are doing. Maybe you are a little bit lazy, maybe you are always clowning around, maybe you are not that serious. You need to push more, invest more and work more to have more.

You will not be able to touch success if you keep on complaining about the results that you are getting. Your focus will be on scarcity and not on productivity. Never complain because you are not squeezing hard, you are just praying hard. You don't even need to hope for better results if you honestly know in yourself that you work really really hard. The results that you want will manifest itself, you don't need to worry about it. If you work super hard then the results won't matter to you anymore because you already knew you have it the moment you finish your preparation. You will become very confident that it will fall into your hands automatically.

So the next time you get weaker results... learn to appreciate it because it is who you are. If you can't appreciate your results then you will not be able to appreciate yourself. Learn how to become thankful because practicing gratitude means you have the right attitude.

Cons about questioning your result:

1. You will lose confidence. You always think that what you are doing is not effective because you always think that you are getting less. You will lose confidence in your preparation and your abilities. You will think that you are weak and not improving.

2. You may quit anytime. Quitting will enter your mind because you think you no longer have chance of getting more. You will accept your situation and you will no longer push harder. You might be satisfied with what you have and accept that it is all that you can do.

3. You might get even lazier. And because you think that you are not getting results even if you prepare, you might not work hard anymore. You will say to yourself "this is useless, even if I am preparing, I am not getting what I want so I'll just be lazy and have more fun. This is better than suffering for nothing".

4. You might try another process that won't work either. And because you can't accept the results that you are getting... you might questioned the process as well. You might try different process thinking that it will work next time. And if it don't... boom you're back on a scarcity mindset again. You never get satisfied.

So the key here is whatever results that you are getting, if you prepare for it then appreciate it. Appreciate it because you sweat for it. If the results doesn't satisfy your expectation then make the necessary adjustments. Work harder and work longer, I am very sure you will get better results next time.