August 15, 2016


Making a living outside of a corporate world is not that difficult like anyone else think. If your job is about entertaining or freelancing or or anything that has no permanent contract... you need to think differently so you will be able to make a living and sustain the lifestyle that you choose.

There are reasons why you can't get a break, one is there is no break available for you and that is normal.

Another reason is you are not working and improving everyday. Yes you heard me right. Even if you are not working for money, you still have to work for making yourself better and stay competitive. Look at those people who were inline in showbiz... if they have no project for the moment, they will just party, drink, complain, get fat and the will stay in that lifestyle forever. They won't be able to comeback anymore.

You always have to stay in shape, you always have to look sharp even if you have no projects because that is the best way to attract future projects. You have to look like you're getting better and better everyday so people will trust you and people will get interested more at you.

And it is much better if while you are waiting for the next project, you are making an effort to learn something new, you are learning another skill. Not only it will give something new to your portfolio, it will also make you have fun while you are not working for money. It will make your mind occupied with something positive rather than worrying and having a feeling of failure.

The scenario is like you are sharpening your tools while you are waiting for the next project. It is like preparing for a challenge and readying yourself for another successful thing that will come into your life.

You always have to stay positive while waiting for the next break, you have to stay committed to self improvement everyday. The longer you wait the longer you have to make yourself better. Don't ever think that you are wasting your time bettering yourself everyday because the more you become better, the more people cannot ignore you.