August 20, 2016


The real manager is not the one with the nicest suit or car or shiniest shoes. He doesn't even have to have the highest degree in education or whatever. He doesn't even have to look rich. There are lot of manager out there who were bums and will not get the job done, they were only good in talking but very poor in walking. While personality adds to the advantages of a manager, it doesn't mean you are good even if you look good. Managers must have important qualities that should be very compulsory.

Manages his time. A real manager manages his time very well. Tardiness is unacceptable. He never let a nature of rushing and crumbling enters his world. He never misses a deadline, he never let clients worry. He is very strict and always in control. He even have a time allowance just in case something went wrong. A real manager is very timely and was never late just for once. For him, being late is being a failure. A real manager will finish his task in advance. If there is an appointment or business meeting, he will come very early without an attitude towards people who were late on that meeting.

A real manager has time for everything. He has time for his family, friends and of course work. He never make excuses such as "I am so busy, I don't have time" or "sorry I can't come, there is an emergency meeting". When he says he will be there, he will be there. He never make false promises. When he really can't come he, he will say it directly after inviting him. He is an expert in managing time. He always find a way how to make it, he loves to beat deadlines. Any tight deadline cannot rattle him. He even show his real abilities when deadline is very short.

Manages his emotions. A real manager is cool under fire. He knows when to make jokes or not. He is very patient but when it is time to push his people... he can motivate them very well. He makes sure that he and his people were on the same page. He doesn't want to offend people in public. When he has issues with one of his workers... he will talk to him in private. You will seldom see a real manager get angry. You don't even know if he is angry or not. But when the real manager feels that he is somehow disrespected... goodluck to you. You will see a real dragon in flesh.

Manages the people in his circle very well. That is why he is called manager. He is not only about making money. He cares for the people around him, he makes sure they get what they want and they get the proper treatment. He is caring and he wants to make his people always happy and motivated. He knew that if his people were not happy... success will not be attained.

He is very supportive and can make anyone believe that they too can become a manager.