August 15, 2016


A little bit of pain will make you look younger. A little bit of passion and consistency. A little bit of goal to revive your motivation, a little bit of finding some purpose in life... those alone will make you younger.

A lot of old folks nowadays were so afraid to look old, they were so afraid that their skin will look wrinkled and some kind of an old treelike. They will do everything to look young again, especially the rich ones. They will engage in a lot of plastic surgery sessions, they will drink some potions or magic pills, they will inject some funny injectables that will only give short term results and then they will go back looking ugly again. They will repeat what they thought is making them young until they become crazy and look like some kind of a failed experiment. This is what aging people do nowadays. They want shortcuts that is why their transformation never last very long.

The best way to stay young and look young is through experiencing a little pain... exercise. That is why there were some people who engages in exercise everyday stay young and feel young. It is very simple. And if you want to get better results, you have to push a little harder. Not just simple walking, not just sweating for a few seconds. You have to feel that it is hard. Once you do it everyday once you make a streak... it will make you very confident, it will make you feel good. The reward is priceless.

Your system will function better, your mood will become lighter. Just stay with the routine, repeat it over and over again and people will see something different in you. It is because you are doing something that not all people can do.

Pursue a passion, compete if you feel it. That is why there were some athletes who were at the age of 40s and 50s never gets old. They compete, their bodies were responding to what they need and how they need to look. They were mixed with the young bloods and that makes them give their very best. They don't want to lose so they will try everything to look stronger and sharper. Pursuing  a goal will make you alert, it will give you more strength, it will give you more joy and determination.

Compete at the highest level and you will look young again. It can be through marathon, MMA or any kind of sport that will motivate you to compete.

You will look young if you are using your body a lot and not just sitting around watching some drama series that will only make you dumb.

You have to sweat, you have to think, you have to do more work to stay younger. Outwork everyone, make those people who were the same age as yours like they were dying because of their laziness and you are getting younger because of your ability to work harder.