August 19, 2016


You don't need to convince anybody else in this world. You don't need to convince your parents, siblings, friends or even enemies to believe in you. The only person you need to convince is yourself. You have to convince yourself to believe in yourself.  Because believing in yourself is the best recipe for success. And this idea has been preached a trillion times but people still can't get it. I think the phrase "believe in yourself" cannot be stomached anymore by people around the world because it was said over and over again. People already got sick and tired of it. But still people were not very serious about this idea.

Once you fully convince yourself that you trust yourself then there is nothing else to talk about. No need to worry, no need for advises, no need for overrated discussions. You just decide that you will do it, you will never listen to others because they don't believe in you. and if they don't believe in you, don't believe in them too. And also, convincing them to believe in you will add pressure to you. You are no longer fighting for yourself, you are fighting for them.

Because what is the point in convincing people who doesn't believe you from the very beginning? Only beggars do that. You don't need to beg for their approval. You don't need to impress people and make them feel sorry for not trusting you.

When I say you believe in yourself... that belief will never vanish when tough challenges comes out. Your belief should go stronger as the challenges goes tougher.

Be your number one fan, be your number one supporter. You don't need anything else other than yourself, you don't need other belief other than what is coming from you.

Because even if you convince other people to believe in you, they will still doubt you if you fail. If you can't show them that you can win... they will leave you. And that will make your belief shattered, that will make you very weak. You will become very emotional and depressed. Your self esteem will fall from 100 to 0, that was brutal.

So from the very beginning, do everything to strengthen your belief, trust yourself, love yourself. Once you fully believe in yourself... others will start to believe in you.