August 26, 2016


If you've been trying a million times and still you can't get the job done, always keep in mind that the last try may work.

A lot of people quit because they think they can't do it anymore, they never risk for the last try because they cannot endure the pain anymore, their emotions are controlling them. But if you want to become successful... you can't be too emotional, you can't be soft as a cotton candy and weak as a cockroach.

The mind should always be restarting. Restart your mind every time you fail, every time you face a big challenge, have the ability to restart your mind. Because your body is not getting tired, for some reason you must rest it but what makes you think that you want to quit is because your mind is too tired. It is always thinking about the hardship, the effort that you think that has been wasted. Your mind is convincing you to quit so you better check it. You better guard it because it will make your soul weak, never let negative thoughts dominate your life because if you do... you may never be able to move again.

The last one may work, the last push may show you the results that you want so don't ever quit.

The good thing about deciding to try one more time is you don't know if it is your last try. There is always a last try, it never ends. The last try is unlimited. You can say that today you will try for the last time but tomorrow you can try again for the last time and the other tomorrow and so on. It will never be over until you win.

So don't ever feel tired to try one more time. You've already been humiliated, you've already failed, people already laughs at you so what else will be lost? There is no harm in trying, there are regrets in quitting.

Never accept that you are a failure. NEVER. So stand up and try again, do it for the last time.