August 23, 2016


The is dedicated to all people who were bullied before. This article is a sentiment that the position of powers is not permanent. You can be powerful today but that power will not stay forever if you use it in the wrong way. You can abuse your power, act like you're the authority but that attitude won't last forever. Just wait and you'll see... you will be bullied too in the future.

Look at the african americans, where are they now? they were slaves before, treated like animals. They were treated like they were not humans by the white americans. Everyday they were hungry, they were not paid right, they were abused and used. But look at them now. It seems like the position has changed.

There are lot of black americans now that are rich. They were dominating the music industry, business, sports etc. They prove that they can become powerful too. They were bullied before but now they were the ones who are bullying.

So don't worry if you are being bullied now. Your situation will change for as long as you work hard, stay positive and have the right attitude. Just be patient, endure your situation, place your mind in the right place and never look for trouble. Your time will come so be patient. There is no need to create havoc because of the bullying that you are getting, it will only make your situation worse. Just become the best that you can because one day the people who bullied you will pay.

There are lot of big personalities today that has been bullied too in the past. But it doesn't destroy their confidence. They keep on working until they reach the top and now nobody can bully them anymore. So if you don't want to get bullied forever make sure you will achieved a certain power. A power that can't be touched nor moved by ordinary people who thinks that they are great. A power that will protect you and make people realize that you are not just an ordinary person.