August 11, 2016


So you think you are cool by making noise in your subdivision? you think you are establishing an authority for yourself by bullying people who were not really scared but right thinking individuals? you think you might get something from it huh? you will see in the end that all you did were bullshits and nothing else. You think that performing like a jackass or something is making you a celebrity huh? eating insects, jumping on a building, almost killing yourself, eating shits, recording a video about you and your friends burning some kind of a rubber that produces big dark smoke that catches the attention of people in your place. You think that it is cool? now listen carefully and answer me honestly... what did you get by doing that crazy stuff? did you became rich? did you earns some millions? all you get is cursing and angry reactions from everyone. Someone would already love to kill you if he can. They were just being patient with you that is why you are still alive.

You keep on making false promises to your clients or business partners, you prioritize your useless hobbies first before them, you make them angry, you make them wanting to not do business with you anymore. Now tell me, what the heck did you get by doing it? And when you don't have money anymore, you will beg at them and make another unbelievable proposition that you will surely not follow. What the heck did you get?

And the worst is you were even happy by doing it, you feel proud, you feel invincible. I am telling you... if you continue that fucked up behavior, one day you might not get away with it. Just because you were able to get away now doesn't mean you can get away with it forever.

It is time to act like a real mature guy if you want to become successful. Never act like you were entitled of something and you are allowed to do anything. Stop that! Stop doing bullshit, stop playing cool just to impress women or friends. Act like you're a civilized person.You know what is right, you know better so you should do better. Because one day, all of your behaviors might come back at you, you will be the one who gets played and how will you feel if your bullshits were done to you?