August 12, 2016


Why are you rushing? why are you stressing yourself? do you really believe that your tasks will end? do you believe that there is no next?

Tasks will never end, even if you work so hard, even if you are the richest... there will still be tasks that are waiting for you. You can't escape it, you can't change it, all you can do is do it.

So never rush, just enjoy what you are doing because the next one is just waiting to be done. It's funny how people rush to finish what they are doing only to find out there is a new task again. They will work angry because they want to finish right away but the reality is... there is another work waiting for them.

Just like in the office, you work and work, you are rushing because you want to finish and avoid a pending task but once you finish everything... there is a new task for tomorrow again. It will never end so why are you so much concerned about finishing your tasks? I am not saying that become lazy and don't finish your job. My point here is don't rush and enjoy working, enjoy every moment that you are moving. There is no need to rush because you will only make mistakes if you are rushing. Just do your best but don't worry if you can't finish it. There is always tomorrow, there is always a new day.

Another example is cleaning your room. After sweeping the floors and picking all the dirt scattered in the floor, you don't want anyone to step on your room. You want to maintain the cleanliness of your room which will never happened. You became angry if there is a person who drop something on your floor. But what is it to be angry about? You think you will never clean again after you clean your room? that is crazy. No matter how hard you clean your room and no matter how you avoid yourself and other people from messing on it again.... you will still clean it in the future. So the best thing to do is just clean and and forget about if someone accidentally put dirt on it, because in the future you will clean it again. face it because it is the reality.

It applies in all aspects of life. You want to finish right away because you think you will be relieved. But you are just fooling yourself, your job will never end, doing tasks is part of our daily lives. If you are really living in the moment and you are not thinking about future then any task that you think is difficult will be very easy. If you have a laundry of 12 big and heavy pants and you will just wash it by your bare hands... if you will live in the moment then you will think that you are just washing a single pants, the other eleven doesn't exist because you don't think about the future. Your focus is to just wash the pants that you are holding. And that will make your life easier, that will make the task easy to finish.

Coz no matter how you rush things, no matter how you work hard so you can rest more... you will go back and do another task again. The cycle will never end. All you can do is accept that you have to work, never look for completion, stay with the process, enjoy it and never try to escape.