August 05, 2016


There are some people who were really talented but are forcing the situation so much. They are skilled, they are on a higher level but they can't succeed because they are forcing the situation so much.

There is a story about an MMA fighter who is really good and very promising. One night, he is supposed to fight while a big promoter is watching. It is his chance to show his skills so he can be invited on a big league. But on an unfortunate incident... his opponent cannot fight him because maybe the son of a bitch got scared or something. But because he really want to impress the promoter, he choose to fight a fighter who is almost twice as his weight. Of course he got KO'ed as expected because his opponent is too heavy. Not only he didn't impress the promoter, his record got even uglier, it was his first loss. His undefeated record was already gone. He forced it too much that is why success didn't see him. The promoter was not impressed at all, he even thought that the fighter is arrogant and over confident for fighting a guy that has a weight twice as his.

Another scenario... An aspiring singer who wants the world to hear his music. He is joining a lot of competition, one day he won a big competition that will make him very popular. And because he wants to gain popularity... he is following the choice of music of the company that is managing him. He doesn't really like the kind of music that was assigned to him, he can't even sing his own compositions because the company doesn't love it. In the end... he resigned from the company because he can't stand playing the music that he didn't love anymore, to him it is like killing your passion for singing. It is like tricking yourself and lying to your own soul. The result is he didn't become successful.

Sometimes you don't need to force everything so much just to become successful. You just need to do what you are doing everyday and success will find you, and it is true. People will talk about how good you are and the news will be heard around the world. Someone will discover you and will give you a big opportunity. Unlike forcing it too much, you are not being yourself, you are not showing your true skills that is why success cannot find you.

Because if you are really good... you don't need to impress a lot of people, there is no way success cannot find you. You will be discovered, people will always want to see you perform.


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