August 11, 2016


Sometimes it's all about the instincts. There will be times when it is very hard for you to make a decision. And no matter how much knowledge you have or experience you have, you still can't decide on what path will give you good results.

And listening to different advises will make you confused even more so it is better to just be alone in making decisions.

If you really can't decide because you think that the facts you gathered is not enough to make a decision then you should better go with your instincts. Follow what you feel is right. Do what you feel is good. If you feel good at something then go for it, never doubt it, never make a hesitation. Because even if you choose the wrong thing, you will still feel good in the end because you made a mistake by your own judgement and not by the judgement of others.

While not all instincts were right, well at least you found the answer in the end even if you are wrong.

It's about how you feel at something. Even if the facts were true or proven, if you don't feel good about it then there is a possibility that it is wrong.

There were some successful people who do good in business by just using their instincts, they don't know anything, they don't rely on facts. They just go for what they feel is right. It seems like they have a power to detect something.

Because feeling good is always right, it makes you secured and sure. It gives you a relief. So if you are about to make a decision now and you don't know how to decide... just go for your instincts.