August 03, 2016


It is ok to be kind, everyone wants a kind person. But sometimes being kind is being blind.

You want to be nice to everyone so all of them will love you, you want to please them, baby them and in the end... you're being abused.

If you are the boss and you are always allowing your workers to get what they want then you will be abused. You should have a balance in running your workers. You should know when to get strict and when to crack jokes with them. Sometimes you should be kind and sometimes you should be scary, you should become unpredictable so they will not abused you. They should fear you a little bit. You should instill some fear in their minds.

Because if you are very kind and passive, you will not be able to control them, sometimes they will even control you. They will disrespect you and will not follow your orders. You will look like a slave in the end, a helpless slave. So while it is still early, show them that you are not very kind even if you are really kind in true life. Make them respect you not fear you. Make them know that you are the boss and you have the power to make disciplinary actions if needed.

Those parents who are spoiling their children too much... look at them, they cannot control their children anymore. Everytime their children ask something, they will give it right away, they will not think if it is good for their children, all they want is for their children to become satisfied. The reality is their not teaching their children the proper way of life. They need to show their teeth to their children a little bit because once their children grew up... it is a bigger problem that they will not be able to contain.

I have an experience where I hire someone to fix the paint of my car, it has some scratches that was done by some irresponsible driver. I already paid the painter full because I thought I can trust him. Our agreement was he is supposed to finish the job in two days but when the last stage of the painting is needed to be done... he doesn't want to finish it anymore. He said he is still doing some other things. I just walked away because there is no point in arguing with that bum. I told to my self "I shouldn't be so kind in the beginning, I should not paid him full".

Some people were being kind if their bosses treat them kindly but some people were abusive, all they want is to get something and doesn't want to return the favor that was given to them.

Sometimes you need to look bad so people will respect you, but still don't be the one who is abusive because in the end you will pay for it. You thought people fears you but they are planning to attack you in the back.

So if you want to get the job done, be the authority but still find some time to reward the people that is giving good service to you.