August 27, 2016


Everyone is so obsessed of having a lot of fans or followers. they love being appreciated, they love being praised and treated like an idol or something. They love the likes, the cheers, the comments and endless support of fans. What they don't know is that those fans are really not fans, sometimes those followers are just following the trend. They just follow so that they know what is the talk of the town.

And one more thing, just because it is your fan doesn't mean it will be your fan forever. There are fans who are not as loyal as you think. There are fans who are backstabbers and bandwagoners.

And sometimes your confidence purely rely on the number of your fans. If no one is appreciating you anymore because you got too old and you are not as good as before... you feel depressed, you feel you are no longer existing. You feel powerless and useless. A lot of celebrities and popular people experienced this kind of situation and they can't be happy anymore in their lives.

All you need is just one fan, you don't need a lot of fans. Seeking for appreciation and followers means you are weak and your happiness is limited. Your happiness is based on the external and not on the internal, you let other people control your happiness.

That one fan can be the closest person in your life. It can be your wife, sibling, parents, relative, bestfriend or any person that truly loves you. That one fan is enough. He or she will never leave you. You will be appreciated forever even if you are not doing good anymore. So stop looking for a lot of fans who were not really fans. What you need is a single person who will appreciate you forever and will appreciate you no matter what.