August 09, 2016


There were some people who loves to post something in social media about how world was cruel to them. They make dramas so they will get sympathy, they act like they were victims and they never stop... they post 5 minutes ago about their neighbor being rude and throwing garbage on the street then they will now post about the government, the corrupt officials etc.

While some dramas were true... if you just keep on complaining and complaining then nothing will happen to your life, your focus will be focused on problems and you will not be able to think of solutions anymore.

I have a friend who keeps on posting about his cheating ex-girlfriend. He makes posts that will make his ex girlfriend guilty. Some of the posts were also about him wanting his ex girlfriend back. I think he is posting for about 30 times a day which is really irritating for some. What he didn't know is his ex-girlfriend is only laughing at him, it never makes a difference. He keeps on doing it everyday but still he cannot make his ex-girlfriend back to his life. He is only looking stupid.

Look at the activists who keeps on rallying everyday. They talked about their problems, they complain about the system. The complain about scarcity of jobs, corruption, crimes and any other problems that their country is facing. They make posters and slogans that were describing their concerns. Even if the sun is so hot or it is raining pretty hard, they still march, shout and even create havoc just to get the attention of the authorities.

The question is... are their wishes being granted? did they get what they want? did they became successful? The worst is sometimes some of them were getting hurt. Of course the police have to fight back if they were getting violent. The police have to hit their asses or even throw some smoke bomb or tear gas to them. It is sad but they have to experience it for making a lot of dramas in life.

If they will just use their time for finding solutions and not creating destructions then they will have a better life. Making dramas is just amplifying your problem, it is making it big. You are not solving it, you are even making it worse. If you don't have a job then look for a job, if your girlfriend leaves you then go look for another girlfriend, as simple as that. You cannot solve a problem by creating another problem. People may give you sympathy at first, but in the end they will get sick and tired of your dramas and endless self pity acts.