August 23, 2016


If you want to become great at something then make it your game. Make it your hobby, make it very enjoyable, have the mindset that it is really a game and you are having so much fun with it.

The millionaires make money as their game. They love making money everyday. They think about it everyday and play with it everyday. It is their game, they are having too much fun with it. They do everything to earn money and of course in a positive way. They take calculated risks and not stupid risks such as gambling or investing in a scam that is too good to be true. They work hard but it seems like they were not working because just like I said, they considered it as a game.

So what is it that you want to be good at? it can be about music, sports, business or any field that catches your interest. Choose now and make it a game. It is like leveling up everyday. Playing with it, finishing some stages to go to another stage and simply overcoming some challenges. But take note that not all stages are easy, there are some difficult stages but every stage can be finished. When you were young and you are playing your favorite video game, is there a stage that you didn't finished? of course the answer is none, even if the stage is difficult you display patience to finish it. You even finished the whole video game.

Considering your passion as a game will make it very easy, you are just playing around but of course you are also serious with it. You play with it everyday, and by doing so your level continues to rise up. You become better and better everyday, you became the game master. You can have a lot of fun but there will also be some frustrations, but don't be afraid with it because you will find the technique how to overcome adversities. Look at those people who were great at something... it looks like they were just playing, they were too much having fun even if what they are doing looks very difficult. They became a master of their game, they love it and they dedicated their lives to their game.

So choose your game, choose wisely. Play with it everyday and finish it.