August 22, 2016


If you are always looking for a reward then you cannot get a the reward. It simply because your focus is on the reward itself and not on the process anymore. But how can you get a reward if you will not process all the process? You are looking at the larger picture already without taking care of the small pictures first. And that will make you fail, you will feel scarcity because you think you are not winning.

How about thinking that exerting an effort is already a reward, how about that? If you will be able to trick your brain that taking action is the reward itself then what do you think will be the result? how far do you think will you go? Let's say every positive move you made will give you an imaginary one dollar, how do you think will you respond? And be serious about it, it is not a one day effort and when you get tired you will stop it.

If you will think that the effort is the reward itself then everything will be easier for you. You will do things without thinking if you are doing the right thing. You will do it happily because you know you're already been rewarded. Everyday you are fired up because you know you are getting something. And besides the reward for pursuing something is not the reward itself, instead it is the character that you developed.

And the great thing about having this kind of mindset is you will always give your best because you knew the harder your effort is... the greater the reward will be.