August 12, 2016


What scares you is what you need to do, it may sounds odd but it is the reality. People were always confused of what to do with their lives, they need direction, they need someone's approval. They need an approval from the higher authority I guess or from a person that they think is right.

But you don't need someone's direction, all you need to do is look for your fear and face it.

If you are stressed at work, you have a deadline, you don't know what to do, you are overwhelmed. You are looking for an escape, but the thing is... finding and escape won't let you escape. If you will look for an exit door, you will have a temporary stress reliever but the stress will go bigger in the end. The best solution is to face your fear and do it. You were afraid of the remaining task ahead, the solution is to face it, feel the fear one by one until it is gone one by one. Forget about time because you will only feel more pressure the more you look at the time. The moment you finished it, you will tell yourself it is not that difficult, your mind and thoughts are the ones that makes it very difficult.

If you are an unemployed lazy bumass motherfucker and somehow there is still a bright side in your mind that is saying "I want to find a job!". Then good, but why can't you find a job? The answer is look for the root cause. It is not the lack of skill, experience or education that makes you unable to find a job. It is the fear of rejection, the fear of failing and the fear of waking up early and go for hunting a job. That's it, there is no other reason why you can't find a job. No excuses are accepted why you can't find a job. The answer is simply you are scared and you don't want to make an effort, because making an effort scares you too, you're a lazy bumass did you forget it already?

So now you know the answer why you can't find a job. It is simply you fear something, it is not the economy, the government or your parents who were unable to send you to school that were responsible for your unemployment. It is your fear of something. And the way to handle your fear is to simply deal with it, face it, there is no other way around but to do it. Do it now or else your fear will grow stronger everytime you delay the meeting between the two of you. The answer is already laid out, you fear something that is why you can't change.

Accept that you fear it. Accept that you are scared, accepting it will make you feel lighter. It will somehow make you move and do something. Don't act like a tough guy who is willing to go for a war. Being brave in the wrong way is a form of cowardice. Don't pretend that you don't fear anything and you can fight anyone because in the first place you cannot even face your own problem and do something about it. The pretension days were over, it is time to remove your mask, face your fear and accept that you are scared of it even if it is just a small thing.

Fear of the small things is what is stopping you and not the fear of the big things. You can't do the small things because you already judge yourself  that you can't do the big things. If you will just focus on facing small fears first then it will be very easy for you to face the big fears.