August 30, 2016


So you think you are better than the one whose on the spotlight huh? you make comments like you know better. You make a lot of criticism, you are elaborating all the mistakes and trying to look like you know a lot. If you know better then why are you just giving comments? if you are better then why are you just watching and not the one who is performing? Put yourself into the place of the person whom you are bashing and let's see what you can do. Let's see if you can do better.

A lot of people nowadays were very perfectionist, once they see an athlete, celebrity or any well know personality that is making mistakes, they will make harsh feedbacks, they will criticize and make a lot of bad comments. They think they were better and know a lot. They think they can make a better performance and amazed ordinary people like them.

So if you are one of these people who thinks they are the great ones without even trying and just commenting... you better check your skills and position in life. Who are you to make comments and put someone down if all you can do is talk and make someone look bad? Can you play? can you dance? can you write? can you act? can you make contents that are useful? can you inspire someone and make a big contribution to the world? what's even funnier is you think your comment is making an impact and the one you are bashing is giving it an attention. Winners will never even spare a second to your comments, they will just laugh at your comments if they saw it accidentally or someone told them about it. The ones who will read your comments are haters like you and all of you are on the same grid. All of you fight each other because all of you are fighting for your idols. Your nonsense bullshits never ends.

Look at The King himself Lebron James, this guy was been hated a lot. I don't know what people sees in him. People say that he is a choker, not good, not shooter, don't know how to do this, don't know how to do that. And that is very funny. Is a guy with 4 MVPs and three championship rings not good? People compared him a lot to other successful players which is very funny. Every single individual has his own unique set of skills so comparing is nonsense and it is not even relevant to what is happening to the present.

What's even worse is people can't see the good side of him. The guy is a family man and helping his neighborhood, he is sending a lot of children to school. Maybe he is sometimes arrogant in court but his good side should be given attention as well. And look at him, even if a lot of people are hating him, he is still successful. It is because he is not paying attention to people that were losers and all can do is hate other people. I am very sure he is not reading a single comment coming from people who've done nothing. Hats off to him because even if he has a lot of haters, he still play on a highest level. And yet people is saying that he is mentally weak. You can't win multiple championships if you are weak.

The reality is no matter how good you are or how kind you are, people will still say bad things to you, they will pull you down because they couldn't even climb their own way to the top. Haters are secret admirers, they just can't accept it. They just can't accept that someone is doing better than them and they can't even do something about their lives.

So if you are one of these haters, let's see if you are the one on their position. Let's see if you are the one who's performing, what do you think you can do? let's see if you are the one who's being hated, how will you react? how will you be able to handle all the hate in the world? Let's see if you are the one who's in the pressure situation and people were expecting you to do great, how ill you handle yourself to perform well?

Let's see if you're the one who's losing, how will you make adjustments? You are very confident in saying something because all you do is talk, and what is difficult about talking? anyone can do that, anyone can say ugly things to other people. You can't even pursue your own greatness and yet you talk smack like you did something great, what a loser you are.

If you can't say something good to other people, no matter what kind of people they are, they can be athlete, celebrity, sports icons, musicians etc.... If you can't say something good then just shut your mouth. Don't act like a tough guy who already proven himself and made history. If you are no batter than the person being criticized then just shut up. You can only talk if you already break records, if you already become a champion or your name is written on history but if not... you are just wasting your time because nobody will listen to you, your words doesn't even matter, it is not making an impact.

A lot of people were good in hating because they are not on the same position as the person being criticized. They are not feeling the pain, they are not experiencing the hate and the pressure. All they can do is make funny comments, make arguments and spread negativity. They think it is fun but at the end of the day, they were not accomplishing anything, they were just spectators and keyboard warriors. They were the same person for years, they never accomplished something great.

So if I were you, you better replace their position and be the one who is performing if you think you are better than them. Go and show your skills, show them what you've got instead of talking. And that is, if you have something to show.