August 10, 2016


If you don't know what are you going to do with your life, if you are lost and if you feel like you are running out of passion and motivation everyday then ... let your actions be the advise.

What are you doing now? what are you accomplishing? are you in the right direction? are you making progress? Are your actions positive and making you happy? and if you are happy, do you think your happiness will last forever?

If you don't know what to do today, study what you did yesterday. And if your actions from yesterday didn't bring you happiness then go for the opposite direction. You action is the best adviser. If you are not happy on your work yesterday, that necessarily mean you don't have to work today. That is not what I am talking about. So why are you not happy with your work yesterday? are you slow? are you not enjoying it? what are you thinking while working?

If you are slow yesterday then make your work fast today, make it super fast, faster than anyone else. You will see that somehow you feel better and more accomplished, you will feel proud and you think that you're some kind of a great individual. If you are thinking about paying bills yesterday while you are working, if you think about paying debts then it is time to think different now, think about saving money and making your bank account grow. By doing this you will feel lighter and more hopeful, you will think that there is something good you are getting from working.

Completely assess your self and be honest to what you see in your activities, if you are seeing bad habits in your life, if you can admit that you are the one who is making your own life disgusting then complete go to the opposite way. Reverse the course, it is very simple and easy. It is just a matter of admitting that you are destroying your life with your bullshit thoughts and habits and making an effort to go the other way.

If you don't have a job then the advise is already there... go out and look for a job. If several times you try and you still can't find a job... look at the thoughts and activities that you are entertaining while you are looking for a job. What are you thinking from the past while you are applying job? go and remember it and then next time don't think about it again. How do you answer in an interview? how do you look? what is your image when you are applying? remember all of it and then go to the opposite direction. It is simply leaving what doesn't work and welcoming what you think may work.

A lot of people were making bullshit dramas about how difficult life is, about how unfair the world is. They were always looking for advises from other people on how to change their lives. What they don't know is their actions were the most effective advise. No need to buy strategy books that only shaves your pocket, no need to listen to hypnosis or something. While some of those things works, the most effective strategy is looking through your actions and getting rid of actions that were not serving your life. Make an inventory, change your strategy!