August 11, 2016


Your motivation, your desire, your fire must grow everyday. You can rest a bit bu you can never relax. The problem with you is when you received a little blessing, when you taste a little success... there is a tendency that you will relax.

If you are working hard all year because you want to earn more money then suddenly you are promoted to a higher position... what did you do? you already relaxed, you never work hard anymore. You feel like you already reached the top of the mountain. Your production goes down, you are not driven anymore. It seems like you show your true colors after being promoted which is a bad thing, you don't know you maybe demoted in the future if you keep acting like that. You are also cutting the possibility that you maybe promoted again for showing a mediocre effort everyday.

If you already got the car or house or something that you are working for a very long time.. what did you do? you also relax, you never push your limits anymore, you feel like you were already a king. You never reach for something again. And that is a bad thing. Having something you are aiming for is just a beginning, it's not the end. You are missing a lot of things because of your attitude. If you don't keep working hard then your house, car or anything that is valuable to you maybe lost one day.

It is an instinct of a competitor to relax a bit after winning several games or fights. Their hunger will be lessen that is why they will lose on their next challenge. They will not train hard anymore, they will lose their focus. They were celebrating already and feels like they were already in control.

This is one of the biggest mistake of a human being, they relax right away after getting something, they will not maintain the level of hungriness they use to have before the small reward was not given yet that is why they can't get the biggest prize that they were aiming for. Little success has slowed them down. they thought that they were great already.

Small victories, accomplishments or success should keep you going and more motivated. It is a sign that bigger things were about to come. It is a sign that you should push harder because the journey gets more difficult as you progress to another stage. Your level of hungriness should keep on increasing, you should be aware of what is going on. You should keep your momentum stronger and faster.

It is ok to rest but you should not relax like an old man waiting for his pension. You have to stay focused and stay on the grind, what you get is just a little portion. The biggest prize is in the end and not on the middle.