August 17, 2016


All or nothing you gotta give your everything. 
The stakes are high, it is either you cry or you try.
Which is which, make a good decision or be treated like a bitch.
Your name can't be found but you have to stand your ground.

All or nothing your desire is burning.
There is a fire in your eyes, no room for being nice.
One last chance you better strengthen your stance.
The opportunity is going away, do everything for it to stay.

Love like Romeo, explode like a volcano
Joking is not an option, your desire is to achieve completion.
You have one bullet remaining, use it and avoid running.
Not a lot of gas in the tank but you can still improve your rank

This is the last try, learn to fly and don't be afraid to die.
No time to waste a time, leave nothing even a single dime.
Use tension for your creation, face the pressure and learn to endure.
Go to the deepest you, show them the truest true.

Forget about losing, increase the chances of winning.
Forget about being afraid, there is no helping aid.
Strike with your strongest effort, break the statistics in every report.
Be loose don't be afraid to lose, be used but don't be abused.

Now is the time even if there is no rhyme.
Focus on the reward, no time to retard.
Go after your dream, don't be scared to look mean.
Regret is in the end, failure will never mend.

What are you waiting for? this chance has no encore.
Love every moment, don't say that you can't.
Win like a queen, sing like a king.
There is no more tomorrow, don't come back with sorrow.