August 27, 2016


This is the best way to achieve extra ordinary success. KEEP THE NUMBERS RISING. You practice 2 hours yesterday then you should practice 3 hours today, then 4 hours on the next day and so on. Continue expanding, never stop.

You earn 20 dollars today then you should earn 50 dollars next week and 100 dollars the next next week. The progress should never stop, keep on leveling up until you reach the highest level. This is how you will attain success, you should have a mindset of keeping the numbers rising. Working harder than yesterday, this will get the job done.

You are unemployed... so you pass 100 job applications today then tomorrow you should commit to passing at least 150 job applications. Make the numbers rise, believe in the law of averages. Don't try, retry!.

If you keep on increasing your numbers everyday then success will be easily attracted to you. It will submit itself to you because the numbers you are showing is unbelievable and undeniable. No one else can produce numbers the same as you so you are one of a kind, you are wanted in this world. Everyone would have to have you on their team.

Keep the numbers expanding, keep it bubbling, keep it growing. The evolution will never stop. You will never stop breaking your own record. You will never stop setting a record, that is how to get the job done.