August 15, 2016


Anything that you think will make the situation better... just put it, show it, be proud of it. Laugh if it didn't work but feel proud because you put it. You risk your self image and you do something that a lot of people won't do.

Put something, make a radical improvement. Never hold back, just try it and see if it will work.

You are cooking a meal for your friends. You think that some ingredient will make it more special... what are you waiting for? put it! It doesn't matter if they like it or not, what matters is you put it and you do it because you want something extraordinary. Your intention from the start is to surprised them and prepare them an amazing meal. Doing the same and traditional meal will not make their visit special. So just put it and never mind if it taste good or not.

So you want to look different in your JS prom, You are thinking if a violet hair will make you standout and will make you a JS queen, what the heck are you waiting for? get that hair color and put it in your hair. Time is running out you need some time for the drying of your hair, get that color immediately and shower it to your head. GO!

So you want to improve the look of your bike huh? but you are scared because people might laugh at you. So let me ask you one thing.... what is more important? their words or the look of your bike? Whatever accessory you have that you think will make the look of your bike better... PUT IT! Put it where it can be seen fast, not on the back, not on the side, but in a spot where it is very evident. Put it like you're the best accessory expert in bike, put it proud, put it without hesitation. And don't ever wonder again if they will like it or not. What matters is you put it and you take the risk. It is your bike, it is  your right.

So you want to improve your resume huh? you want to put something that will make your resume longer and impress the interviewer. But all you can ever think of is your ability to talk to animals and open bottles with your teeth You are hesitating because it has nothing to do with the job that you are applying. Well, regardless if it is connected to the job or not... PUT IT. Put it because it is really your talent, put it and become proud of it. You'll never know, the interviewer might get impressed at your talent, so put it still.

Putting something will make a difference, anything that you think will make you standout or can alter the results.... put it! Never hesitate, never think if you will look stupid or not. A lot of people were scared to add something because they thought that they might ruined the finish product. This perception is wrong because anything you add will just make the result better.

Because at the end of the day... you will wonder what will be the result if you put it but you did not.