August 22, 2016


If you've been procrastinating a lot for the fast few days or weeks, months or even years and you want badly to return on the right track... your mind will stop you. It is not that you can't do it but your mind will make a lot of excuses, it will remind you a lot about the things that didn't went well. It will remind you about your failures, the people who got affected by your irresponsible behavior, your debts, bills unpaid and the list goes on. You will feel guilty and it feels like you really can't change. It feels like you're in a quicksand, no matter how bad you think of changing, you still can't unleash the first step.

Now listen to me, I have this quick trick that might help you. It works on me before and it is still working today. I hate to admit it but sometimes I am also been bumming around. I hate to admit that I am not consistent and that is what I've been working now.

The maximum days that I've been procrastinating is 3 days. I don't know but it seems that I really can't move, maybe it is because of exhaustion or something. Maybe I've been overworking and my body is looking for a rest a little bit. But that is not an acceptable excuse. Three days is like going out on a vacation and I miss a lot of opportunities when I procrastinated that long. There are lot of earnings that I've missed. A lot of clients gone mad and this site is going down, a lot of my followers were asking me why I am not posting. I've been trap into this kind of dogma for at least thrice a year and it really sucks. It is a weak feeling. It is feeling fear, worry and depression at the same time. But I am glad that I can still make up my mind and do the right things. I was able to go back on the right track and live like a lion again... motivated, hungry and always pursuing something great.

There is guilt, regrets and fear on my part. I fear that I may not be able to go back again that is why I think of a thought that I will entertain to convince my brain that it is not my fault. I just imagine that I got sick for a long time that is why I wasn't able to handle business. And it is true that I got sick because procrastination is a sickness, not many people don't realized it. By entertaining this thought, I begin to feel good and forgive myself. I begin to believe that it is not my fault but rather by circumstances that we cannot control. But I only kept this to myself, I never told other people that I am sick that is why I didn't work. It is just a little bit of tricking my brain. And it works, I begin to feel lighter, rejuvenated and motivated again. I also imagined that I am feeling well now and I will make it up to the days that I didn't work. I feel hungrier again and it feels like it is a new beginning. It is like surviving a cancer and the second life was given to me. This kind of mindset made me cautious that I shouldn't take any single day for granted because I was spared of a second chance.

You too can do this trick. If you've been victimized by procrastination for a very long time and you wanted to change. Just imagine that you got sick and it is not your fault. And now you are ok to go back to work, you have a new life and you can start fresh. This is very effective. You will forgive yourself and feel lucky because you were given a second chance.