August 27, 2016


Just keep on failing so you will know how it feels to be a failure. How does it feel after failing? you feel like a loser right? you feel so low, you feel so useless, you feel devastated. Just repeat it, repeat failing, fail one million times. Endure it, feel it. Once you get very familiar to the feeling of failing then you will no longer be scared of it because you knew it is nothing but a feeling, it only makes you better.

People fail because they were so afraid of failing. They were even afraid to try, it is not that they don't have skills or whatever. They were just afraid of the feeling that failing will give to them. So then, the only way to erase that fear is to face it over and over again. Make yourself numb in the feeling of failure. Once you reach the state of mind that you are not afraid to fail... you will be able to do amazing things, you will get loose, you will feel free, you will feel there is nothing left to lose in your life.

Failure is the key, victory is the destiny. Victory cannot be the key to success because it is the one being pursued. You cannot become victorious right away. If you succeed without failing it means you are one of those lucky people who were given everything since they were born. These are the children of millionaires and any other big personalities. But look at their lives... it is still miserable. They were not happy because they don't have balance in life. They never felt the pain, that is why they were looking for it.

Once you you are not expecting to succeed right away. Once you are not giving big expectations to yourself then there is a chance that you might succeed. Because the more you want to become successful and force success to come to you... the more it will become elusive. You will feel that your hardwork is not being rewarded and that will make you quit.

Just keep on failing because at one point in your life you will succeed. It is not being optimistic or hopeful. It is the truth in life. No one is a failure forever, if he keeps on trying... the universe will noticed all of his efforts and he will be rewarded, rewarded with more than what he deserve.