August 11, 2016


Be careful, some people act like they have a lot and act like they were the kings of the road or whatever. They will stun you, bully you or do whatever intimidation that they can just to get what they want.

I've known a few people who always act like they have everything because they have something. Some people who have a branded car that was just installment will act like they own the world, they were so proud of what they have but that is the only thing they can be proud of, they have nothing else to show. If you will have a background check of their lives... they were broke, they use credit cards, banks were always after them. They don't even have gas money, they were completely eaten by a quicksand, their goal everyday is to just survive.

Some people who have iPhones or whatever fucking gadget to show... will act like they were so elite and belong to a higher class. If you were very easy to fool, you will believe that they were really rich. You might not now, those gadgets were just installment, they can't even buy a regular load for their cellphone. They want to look good even though they don't have anything to eat. It is what looks that matters to them, not the real world. They want to look good even if it costs them living bad.

Don't feel envy if you don't have a lot of things to show, don't feel inferior. Just be yourself, you know that your life is good and you are doing well. There is nothing else to compete for. Don't get easily impressed with those people who have something but in reality... they were broke as fuck.

It is the thickness of pocket that matters not the beauty of showmanship. You can look very presentable, you can look very rich but the the question is... are you a legit or just a social climber. Is your arrogance paralleled to your bank account? You can showoff anytime you want but when reality sets in... can you still become arrogant?. How do you feel when the bills are there? are you scared or are you confident that you can pay it?

Our world is full of fakes and wannabes. People become arrogant when they possess something that others don't have. They feel like Gods, presidents or CEO's but the reality is they don't have a lot in their cabinets. The only have a couple of branded shirts or shoes. When it is time to pay for the real bills... they act like puppies who can't hurt anybody.

So are you one of these bums who just wanted to look good? If you are, it is time for you to make an attitude adjustment. Be real, don't cover your true colors with that cheap property that you have. If you wanted to look rich then be rich not just look rich. Because at the end of the day... even if you have those things... you will feel if you are really rich or not.