August 04, 2016


There is a quote saying "if you really want it then you can do it" then why most of you can't get what you want?. We are not only talking about big dreams here, let's also include small goals like finishing a course, losing at least 5 lbs or even learning a new skill like playing piano or something.

I know you want to get it, I know you want to have it but the problem why you can't succeed is you want something else.

You want to eat burgers rather than eating vegetables and fruits that is why you can't lose some weight. Yeah you want to lose some weight too but you want something else. You want eating more rather than losing some weight. And don't ever complain that it is very hard to do, no it's not. You just want some other things, you love your tummy more than looking good. You always wanted your tummy to get full and satisfied. You are not looking at the bigger picture, you always wanted instant pleasure.

I know you want to buy some kind of a car so you can look cool but you want something else. Instead of saving money every month or every 15thday, you buy some things that weren't important. You bought an expensive shoes that has lights on its sole, you bought a super hero figure that can speak, you bought a brand new cellphone even though your last cellphone is only 2 months old. You buy a bunch of shits that you really don't need that is why you can't buy what you originally want. it is not that you don't want it anymore, you still want it but you want something else.

Instead of reading your books and burning your eyebrows memorizing what is needed to be memorized, you watch some tv series about vampires and royalty. And now you can't graduate on time. It is not that you don't want to graduate of course you want it but you want something else. You want to satisfy your thirst in watching those bum series so it doesn't matter to you if you graduated on time or not. You know that you can still repeat some subjects and you feel terrible if you can't watch your favorite tv bum series.

You want to learn something but you are doing the other thing. For example, you want to learn how to play drums but you keep on chatting with your friends in facebook. Years have passed and you are still doing the same shit. You keep on telling your friends that you want to learn how to play drums but did you learn? it is not because you really don't want it, you want it but you want chatting with your friends more.

Life is all about weighing between the two things that matters to you at the moment. Your life is what you want, you follow what you want so don't ever blame the government or the people around you if your life sucks right now.

Take a robber as an example. He robbed something because he is hungry or he want to provide something for his family. What he want is to rob some money, he loves it more than his freedom. So when he end up in jail, he will blame the government for not producing some jobs that will support his family. What a bullshit excuse! He has the choice from the very beginning, it is either his freedom or money. He chooses the money so he end up in jail, he knew it form the start that he might get caught so the conclusion is he also want to end up in jail. He wanted to be free but money is more valuable to him, it is what he wants.

You can't say that you really don't want something that is why you didn't get it. The reality is you want it too but there are some other things that you wanted more. The choice is yours, you can choose whatever you want. You can want what you want but make sure that you also want the consequences that are waiting for you.