August 22, 2016


Have you ever experience when someone doesn't want you to give any information? You are asking someone politely but he is playing with you and making you feel like you're a child who knows nothing. You are asking nicely and you only need a simple answer but the person whom you are asking to is very rude and answering you "secret". You feel disrespected right?

There are people like that, they are not willing to give you any information because they want to feel good about themselves. They wanted to look superior and smart so they will let you feel like you are stupid. They were also insecure, they don't want to share the little knowledge that they have because they are thinking that you may get ahead of them.

If this is always happening to you then it simply means that you need to fetch information on your own. You need to do research on your own and get the answers through simply searching and putting a little effort. It is not difficult, you just need to be patient, use your mind a little bit and then boom... you find the answer.

And once you have a lot of knowledge stored in your brain, don't be selfish. If someone asks you and you know the answer... simply answer them the answer. Stop playing around, stop playing the hard to get, stop playing the smart one because intelligent people were always willing to share knowledge. True intelligent people never hesitate to answer once they know the answer. They were always willing to help, unlike people who wanted to be labelled as smart... they always wanted to feel superior and they always wanted appreciation, they want respect so they will act like they know a lot but the reality is they only know little so they don't want others to know what they know.

Learning by your own is very easy, no special skills needed here. No need to be genius, no need to be special. All you need is patience and willingness to learn. You can learn what you wanted to learn if you seek hard enough to see it.