August 19, 2016


Success and life is not about winning, it is not about having a lot of victories, money, medals and properties. It is all about having the ability to move despite of any situation you are in.

You need to focus on moving and not on winning nor losing. Because you may win but what happens after winning? you will get satisfied, you will not become thirsty anymore, you think you are on the top of the world already but the reality is you are just starting.

That is why little success is very dangerous. Most people, once they taste a little success.. they will never work hard anymore, they will stop being hungry, they will relax and enjoy their little success. So in the end... they will become a failure again. They will have a hard time building the habits of a successful person again, they might even get depressed and may not able to comeback. That is what winning does, that is what success does... it may poisoned you or make you work harder so you can achieve more success. But most people who thought that they were on the top of the world already will become arrogant and not work as hard as they work before. They become complacent, they become predictable. They were not pushing hard anymore.

Same as failing. Once a person fails... he will become sad, he will cry, he will whine, make excuses and savor the pain he got from failing. He will not be able to move anymore, he will focus on negative actions and his mind will produce a lot of negative thoughts that keeps him away from winning. In other words... he turned into a bum (my favorite word designated only for failures).

But if you are focus on taking actions everyday, regardless if you win or lose... you will still move. Winning doesn't matter to you anymore, losing is nothing to you. You will just move and move and build habits that will attract winning. Winning is just a bonus, you don't care about it that is why it is easier for you to win. In your mind, regardless if you fail or succeed you will still move and do what you do everyday.

You win some you will still move, you lose some you will still move, that is basically your mindset.

Of course you will still be upset if you lose, it is normal because you're just a human but you will not get depressed, sadness will never stay long in your system. It will be easier for you to recover because movement is what you care about. It is easier for you to make adjustments, make changes and come back stronger once you lost.

You will become successful very fast if you are focus on movement because you have no time for dramas and partying. You will give time for those things a little bit but you will use your time wisely. You will have a lot more time for the process. Your're like a rocket that keeps on flying and flying until you reach your destination.