August 13, 2016


Consider the slightest or tiniest improvement already a change. If yesterday you only smoked 14 sticks of cigarettes but regularly you are smoking 15 then it is already a change. That small difference is already a change so consider it as a change. If today you earn 125 dollars but regularly you are just earning 120 dollars then that is already a change, you should be proud of it. If today it crosses your mind that you have to jog and you do it then you already changed. If you smile at your neighbor but in reality you're a snob then you already changed.

People can't change because they think change as something big and something that has a very large impact. A slight difference from yesterday was already a change. But you also have to keep in mind that you have to become consistent, you have to keep on doing the small change that you were able to do today, you have to do it again tomorrow and on the other day and so on. You have to do it everyday until that small change escalates into a big change.

Big change won't happen in just one day. You have to make small change first, just do something that will improve your situation. Again, never look at the big picture because it will only make you feel that it is very difficult to change. Take it one step at a time and always be patient.

How to know if you made a small change:

1. You feel uncomfortable. No change will happen if you are always looking for a comfortable feeling. Even in the slightest change that you made... you will have to feel uncomfortable with it. That is why it is called change, there is a routine that is being wiped little by little. Embrace discomfort, it is painful. That is why it is recommended to make a small change everyday, don't do a change that is a final result already. It is possible, some people can change right away, it happens if you have a strong willpower and has a strong control in yourself. But not too many people have it so if you are one of those who have a weak willpower then you have to make the change little by little. Just be patient, celebrate the small step that you did and just do it everyday. Never miss a single day because once you miss... there is a possibility that you will go back to your old self.

2. You feel good about doing that small change. You feel proud of yourself, you feel accomplished even if you only made a small change for the day. If you manage to lessen the number of cigarettes you smoked everyday then you already feel good. Even if you just manage to lessen it by one, you still feel good because you know it is hard to do it even if it is just a small thing.

3. You are doubting if you will made the small change again. This is where you willpower is being developed. You are doubting yourself if you can repeat what you did yesterday. If you are doubting, if you are feeling crazy a little bit then it only means change is already having a good momentum. Remember, there is no easy change. If you feel like you want to go back to your old habits again... Always remember what you sacrificed already. Remember the days that you feel the discomfort because you are trying to change. Remember that change is a slow and continuous process. Never break the streak, keep it alive. Even if you feel so tired, even if you feel like going back to your old self so you can feel comfortable again... embrace the pain, never waste the days that you made a small change. You are almost there, change is already happening.