August 27, 2016


If you really can't let go, if you can't express how you feel, if you can't speak up for yourself then this MIND manipulation method will surely help you to become yourself.

IMAGINE THAT IT IS NOT YOUR LIFE. Imagine that you are living someone's life but you are still giving your best. Imagine that you are trapped into someone's body and that body is your body right now.

People were so afraid to destroy their image that is why they can't even take the first step. They can't take the biggest risk in their lives. So imagine that you are not you. You are just the brain and you are the one controlling the body.

So what will you do now? how will you react now if you have nothing to lose? you don't have an image to protect because you are hiding in someone's identity. I am very sure you will say what you wanted to say because you are just like playing with someone's life. I am very sure you will become stronger, braver and you will do what you haven't done before. You will not be afraid to take any hate because just like I said... you are just the mind, you don't own the life.

And the reality is... your life is not yours forever. You only borrowed it and you can't keep it forever. So why not do what is best for you now? why not take the biggest risk because you will not live in this world forever. Life is very short, life is very fast. You can't be forever holding back because you will miss a lot of opportunities. You will miss a lot of moments that could be yours. You will miss a lot of success, you will miss a lot of joy, basically you will miss everything.

So forget about your identity. Forget about what people might say. Do what you wish to do for a long time and do it now.

If you cannot be yourself then just pretend that you are not yourself.