August 26, 2016


Be careful what you wish for coz you might get it. You've been complaining all day, all week, all month and all year because you are working so had yet you can't be successful. And you have the right to complain because you are really working hard but still you are failing. You don't know why, even the universe don't know why.

You are waiting for so long, you wanted to give up but you couldn't because you've already come so far. You can't go back because there is no more place to go back. You already risked a lot, and that is why you are complaining too much... you have the right to complain.

But one day, all the things that you are waiting for will come to your life so fast... you couldn't even handle it. You are are just waiting for hundred thousands but you are rewarded with millions. You are just waiting for one success but multiple success is swarming you. You don't even know what to entertain first. Be careful what you wish for because you might get stressed in handling all the blessings that are coming to your life. You will even ask yourself "where are all these success hiding for so many years?".

It happened to a lot of people, they were working very very hard and multiple success comes into their lives. They don't even know what to do with their lives that is why they end up being miserable. They end up being broke again... a failure again.

So don't rush things, take it easy. Make slow progress everyday, just be patient because the right timing is just waiting for you. You just need to work everyday, make your work super hard and then success will come to you automatically. No need to doubt it, no need to curse it, all you have to do is trust it. Prepare your mind for the big success to come so that you will not get overwhelmed and crazy when it knocks on your door.