August 16, 2016


This is one of the most common excuse people were using nowadays... if they don't perform well, if they can't be successful then they will blame the things that they have. If you have ugly gears then make sure your skills or talent is stronger. It is like filling up a hole. It is like your boat has a hole and because you don't want to sink... you will fill it with something else and that is your skill.

If you are a drag racer and your budget for making your car beautiful is limited forget about it. Just develop your skill, make sure you are the best racer. Practice everyday, make sure you are stone cold in racing. And don't ever make an excuse such as you don't have a lot of money for spending in gasoline. Success has no time for excuse. You will find a way if you really love what you are doing. And if you become the number one racer or at least a good racer, they will not even talk about your car, they will talk about your success and what you've accomplished. Your car will look beautiful through their eyes because they knew the owner of it is a bad ass racer.

When I was just studying how to play guitar, sometimes I was not focused on my skills. Sometimes I am looking for guitars with the best look and with the best sound. I am thinking that having a very good guitar can make me play better. But one day I see an old man on the street playing with a guitar as old as him. The guitar look damaged but he still managed to produce a very good sound. I borrowed his guitar and test it, I found out that there is nothing spectacular about it, it is rusty, dirty and very hard to play. But still he managed to play a very good music with it because his skills were to damn good. He is playing on a different level. He can make it sound like a CD. I was amazed and happy at the same time because I found out that even if you have the ugliest guitar you can still play good music. It is not about the rocket, it is about the fire to fly the rocket. Starting on that day, I practice really really hard to become good and I really become good.

Just like in any other sport... if you have an ugly shoes but if you are the fastest runner then your shoes won't matter. Your speed will become evident, your skill will take control.

If you have an ugly face but have a very gorgeous voice then you will become beautiful into the eyes of many. Your skills will cover up what is ugly about you. It is up to you how to make your life beautiful. Even if you have the ugliest things or look... if you are great at something, you can still succeed.