August 05, 2016


Sensitivity means poverty. This planet earth has no room for sensitive people. Even if you are an asian, american, european or some kind of an alien you can't be sensitive. The planet earth is too dangerous now, too competitive, too mean and destructive.

If you will not have the ability to endure what people say or what people do to you then you will be dead. If you cannot fight back, if you will just cry in the corner if you've been treated unfairly then you will be left behind.

This world is a very dynamic place, you should learn how to adapt and improvise. Let's be realistic here, I am not including everyone but a lot of people in this planet earth were so mean and harsh. They will pull you down, step on your face, stab you in your back, say nasty things to you and you have the choice to take it personally or just laugh at it.

People who were so sensitive usually lose, they let their emotions control them. They were not focus on what they want rather they were so focus on what people think. They want people to be nice to them so they will get motivated. While some people are nice, majority of people were not nice. And that is the reality.

If you are just a fresh graduate or you are a rookie in your field. I am not scaring you, I am just opening your eyes and preparing you for a big challenge that is waiting for you.

There are bosses out there who say mean things, who were so insensitive to how others feel. They will say whatever they want, they will humiliate you infront of a lot of people and if you don't have a hard heart then you will be devastated, You will cry like a puppy that has no food. You will be forced to resign if you can't take the pain, are you just going to quit?

If you parents were always giving you a sermon and saying not so nice things to you, don't be sensitive. They want the best for you so they want you to become strong. They were just pointing out what is wrong in your way of life so you must be thankful to them. Some children out there who were so dramatic and sensitive, once their parents didn't give them what they want... they will cry and leave their home. They will rebel in the wrong way so they ended up being a loser in the end.

If your coach or professor or even leader is shouting at you... be tough, swallow what is being said to you and take it as a motivation to become strong. If you will whine and complain you will still become a loser, while some people will listen to you, the reality is they still can't help you. You are still on your own, it is up to you how to become strong.

Have a mindset of no matter what people throws at you, you will still stood on your ground, you will not become very reactive. You will still continue what you are doing. Don't be defensive but always prepare yourself for the nastiest things on earth that may come to your life.