August 27, 2016


If you are choosy because you always think that you are perfect and you also need perfect things then this is a method that is best for you. If you are having a difficult time choosing what is the best to buy because the choices are there, there is already an item that is catching your eyes but you still think that there is still a better thing that you haven't found yet.

You are so confused, you are worrying what if you buy something then you found something better later. My friend, you better check your meds, you are having a mild psychosis. Drink some pills that will make you calm because you are making problem on your own.

Just choose the item that excites you the most. Even if the excitement is not that strong, even if you are not totally convinced that you really love it... just buy it. Because at the end of the day, when all of the lights in the mall were turned off and you haven't bought anything yet... you will feel sad, you will regret that you become choosy because you don't have anything to bring at home.

The love for a thing is not forever. Why do you buy things? it is simply because you love the look of it, you want to use it, you want to impress your friends with it, you love the color, the features etc. But the reality is... that love won't stay forever. There will be a time when you don't want that thing anymore, you will just treat it like an ordinary thing and won't give too much attention to it. You love it because it is new but when it becomes old... it doesn't give you an excitement anymore.

So don't be afraid to pick things that you don't love so much because that love won't even stay forever. You just need to act before you think. Buy something that gives you a little bit of feelings then think about if you really love it later. What else can you do? you already have it, you have no choice but to love it. Feelings can be commanded, just pretend that you love it so you will not have the feeling of regret by spending money for the things that you don't like.