August 07, 2016


Being the number one is what everyone wants, if not all then a lot of people wants it. Being on top means you are the greatest, everyone wants you and you get all the nicest credits in this world.

Everyone wants to become the number one but they are not willing to do the work and make sacrifices to become the number one. All they want is the title, they weren't willing to embrace the hardwork and process to be on top.

Have you seen how the greatest work? have you seen Floyd aka "TBE" Mayweather work? yeah that guy is cocky but he can prove what he is saying, he is a workhorse and nobody can work as hard as him. Have you seen Lebron James work? he is a beast, he rapes the gym everytime he step into it. That is why he is the number one, nobody can work as hard as him, he is so dedicated that is why money, fame and success is attracted to him.

1. Make a repetition that nobody can repeat. Conditioning does a major part for being the number one. The more you repeat something, the more your brain will believe that you can do it. If you can repeat one million punches or kicks or shoot one day then why not? that is what it takes to be the number one. You must have the most counts of repeating something, your routine must be number one and world class. Do something in your field that you can repeat forever and you already have an edge. Make the most sales, be the most present in your office, have the most number of calls, have the most number of transactions, have the most number of failures, have the most number of tries. In any kind of situation, your numbers should be the number one. Repeat it like a maniac, never stop, never settle. Encode in your body the repetition that you want to master.

2. Put your career in danger.  Number one people were never scared to make huge risks that will make them number one. They weren't afraid to lose, they weren't afraid to be criticized by people. Even if the stakes are high... they still do what they are supposed to do. They take the last shot, they take the blame, they put matters into their own hands, they never rely on someone's help.

If you want to become number one, forget about your career, winning should be the only thing that matters to you. Even if you lost your career, even if you get demoted or ranked low... don't be scared to try. Career is nothing but a career but the chance of being number one is priceless. Take a very scary risk, put everything on the line.

Some people were so afraid to take the biggest risk in their lives because they were very concerned so much of their careers that is why they were in the middle forever, they were not on top, they were not on the bottom. In life, there are only two places where you should be... at the bottom or at the top. At the bottom because you fall so hard by taking a big risk or at the top because you also take the big risk but succeed. Don't worry if you are at the bottom because your next destination is to be on the top and nothing else.

3. Always seek for challenge. If you are not seeking for a challenge then you have no rank. Number one people always look for a bigger challenge that will validate their supremacy. If you are the present number one but you are not accepting challenges anymore then it means you are playing safe and you have no rank anymore, another person will claim that he is the number one.