August 26, 2016


A lot of people loves to travel they were so blinded with this quote "we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us". I immediately laugh when I read that quote. So does it mean if you are not travelling then you won't experience the "real life"? This is crazy, this is one of the most bullshits I've ever heard. While it is true that there are benefits in travelling, the funny thing is people were so blinded by it. They thought that it is the only way to make them happy. I even wonder if they were just travelling so they can impress people in social media at how adventurous they were and how rich they were, sometimes I wonder if that is really the case why they are travelling.

The big question is how far they've got by travelling a lot? They still go back to their homes after travelling, the worse is... they go back being sad again. Especially if their bills on their credit cards were so big. Did travelling made them successful? did travelling really fill the hole in their souls? I've known a lot of people who travels a lot and then they become depressed again. The bad thing here is travelling is what makes them sad. They put their happiness on travelling, if the cannot travel then they feel incomplete. They become addicted to that shit and they don't know how to become happy anymore by just being present.

The reality is travelling will lead you to nowhere because you will go back to your home again. You travel a lot but you still can't find yourself. Some people travel to forget their problems but when the trip is finished... they become problematic again, funny isn't it?

If you will think clearly... travelling is just for fun, there is no other meaning behind it. It is not a real journey because the real journey is the path that starts inside of you. The real journey has nothing to do with the external things around you. The real journey is something where you start and then you will not go back home anymore, it has a real destination, not a destination of bullshits and facebook posts. Even if you travel around the world, you can't still be forever happy because there will still be problems ahead of you. Traveling will just make you forget your problems for a while, but it cannot completely erase your problems. And also, traveling involves a lot o f money, so you mean to say if you don't have money you can't be happy?

Travelers were overrating travel so much as a very happy activity. Yes it is happy but what does it add to your life? experience? you can gain a lot of experience everyday by just looking around and doing something positive. You can gain a lot of experience by choosing a purpose and pursuing it everyday. You can only go very far if you will pursue your own journey and not stopping taking steps everyday to arrive at your destination.