August 29, 2016


Full speed ahead, less thinking. Just do it. You are holding yourself for so long, you are thinking a lot do you think you are smart? your not some kind of an Einstein or Professor X so why are you thinking a lot? Why are you worrying a lot? are you a super hero who wants to save the world? are you some kind of a super human that wants to take control of everything? if not then stop thinking and start executing!

Too much calculation, too much planning and worrying. So where does that kind of style takes you? IN THE SAME PLACE WHERE YOU ARE STANDING NOW. You never progress, you never made yourself climb the ladder. You are the same person 25 years ago.

Just do what you think will work, forget about the norms, forget about the traditional techniques or methods. Just put yourself out there and make a lot of mistakes. Because in the end those mistakes will be very useful, it will give you a lot of experience and feedbacks that will make you a smarter person. Those mistakes will numb your fear from failure because you already failed a lot of times, you have nothing to lose anymore. You're an all or nothing type of guy now and you are ready to succeed anytime.

The moment you wake up, the first thing that comes to your mind... do it. Do what will make you closer to your goal. Stop entertaining bullshit thoughts that are only derailing your progress, do what you think will work, do it. And don't ever tell me that you don't feel like doing it, what are you? a diva or a princess? shut up and move! This world has no room for cry babies, soft individuals and dramatic actors who create a lot of excuses. This world wants some action not depression.

If there is a job interview, if there is an invitation for training, if there is a business meeting...even if the weather is so bad, even if you are feeling bad, once you wake up in the morning, just wash your face, brush your teeth and run! Run after your dreams. No need to take a bath, no need to look very cool. Just run and go for what you want. Full speed ahead, no stopping, no procrastinating. Just move and find your groove. You can find your confidence through moving

Never let your mind worry and think because if you do... you will be trapped in a quicksand, it will be very difficult for you to move because you think moving will make you even drown. You will be very scared because a lot of stupid and negative thoughts will control your body. Fear will act like a remote control and you are some kind of a television or remote controlled car. Fear will only let you move once it has no power anymore. Fear is toying you like a zombie who don't know anything. Do you like that?

So act right away, act faster than your mind. The game plan is you just do it without any precautionary measures. You just want to do it regardless of the pain waiting for you. Because if you don't move the pain will become stronger, the pain will immobilized your body completely. And that is not physical pain, that is mental pain which is even stronger and badder. Mental pain is the pain that you must avoid the most because it will make you crazy, it will make you depressed, scared and it feels like you have a disease that you don't know. You feel like you are dying without feeling any body pain. What a weird and scary feeling was that. That was insane. Do you want that?

So move right away once the positive idea is there. If the step needed is washing the plates do it. If what you need to do is just answer the email, do it. If you need to attend a seminar do it. If you need to say sorry to a client do it. If you need to apologize to your friend do it. Do the necessary thing to just give you a little progress. There is no harm in moving your ass, you won't get sick if you put a little effort. Are you going to die if you move? if your answer is no, so why the hell are you not moving?

The joy in moving is what you need to master, not the joy in thinking and dreaming. Because the action itself will take you to a very far place. It will take you to the places that you want. Your skills doesn't matter, your past doesn't matter. The action will give you good position. But of course that action should be positive and not something that will produce destruction to yourself and to the people around you. The joy in moving is very lovely, it will make you like a war machine who never stops until the war is over. It will make you like a river who never stops flowing.

Full speed ahead, do it. DO it because you need to do it and not because you will get something from it. Again, the action is the true reward, the reward is just a bonus. If you already developed a habit of just taking actions regardless of the outcome then you will become an amazing human being. you will accomplish a lot, you will be able to achieve great success that you thought is impossible before.

Time to move now, this article is almost over. You already learned a great lesson. Whatever pops out from your mind that is related to your goal.. do it. Do it like it is the last thing that you need to do, do it like you love to do it. So what are you waiting for? Christmas? or New year so you can make a new year's resolution? Stand up and wear your shoes, keep moving!