August 18, 2016


I will dedicate this article to myself and congratulate myself because I made my first 1000 post in this blog (I don't wanna call this blog anyway).

Thank you to all my followers and people who were emailing me and asking some questions. I appreciate your trust. I am proud to say that I really work hard for this blog. I express myself honestly and I am not ashamed to say that I really wanted money that is why I produce this blog. I've been writing articles for 7 years. My articles for the first 4 years were erased accidentally, it is about 500 articles I guess, all different, no article spinning, all original.

The journey was so hard, stressful and not so beautiful. Like I said.. I really wanted to have money because I've heard a lot of stories out there saying they become rich by blogging. And I wanted to follow their path, not knowing that following their paths will lead me to my own path. Up to now, I haven't got rich yet. No big money is flowing, just enough to support my needs. But the good thing is... I discover myself. I found out that I am not a blogger but a writer. That is why I don't call this a blog. I don't consider myself as a blogger because most blogger nowadays were just all about money. And I am not one of them. I know you will questioned my principle because I reveal a while ago that my purpose for writing is to earn money and become rich, but listen to me first and let me finish before you accused me.

I consider myself as a writer not a marketer, a businessman or something. I am a writer because I just write articles without conscience, without hesitation or pretension. I am not technical, I have a lot of grammar mistakes but that is not what writing is all about. Writing is you just write what your heart says, you just write even if nobody wants to read your story. You just write even if you are not earning something.

I read a beautiful quote about writing, I don't know who is the original writer of it but it is really beautiful and credit to the creator of it, it says: "If you are waiting for an inspiration before you write then you are not a writer, you are a waiter".

A lot of wannabe writers wait for the right time, they wait for an inspiration and I am glad that I am not one of them. I just write what pops out from my head. I write even if I don't feel like writing. I write to express and not to impress. I never wait, I just write even if it feels not right.

Not a lot of people can post 1000 different ideas. I am very proud of myself that I did it. I did it even if it is hard, I did it even if there is no reward or something. I am so happy because I found my passion in writing. I've learned a lot and I am still willing to learn a lot of things. The first 1000 ideas is not a joke. I become great at producing ideas because I am repeating it over and over again. I also found out that repetition will make you good at something. It is not about talents, gifts or whatever. It is just continuously repeating something over and over again until you become the best in what you do. I developed a habit of just writing right away regardless of how I feel. And I never care if I will earn or not, if they will like it or not and that makes me a real writer. It is not about pleasing or rewards, it is simply about writing and expressing. I am a legit and I know that, I don't even have to prove it.

Until the end I will never stop writing, I am not afraid if nobody wants to ready my articles. After all it is not about them, it is about me. Gotta keep pushing, gotta keep extracting ideas from my head. I am writer forever.