August 05, 2016


You are so afraid of pain but why? it is just a feeling, it won't kill you. Pain is not permanent, it is here for a reason. It can either toughen you or weaken you. It depends on how you approach it.

You can't make it disappear right away because if you rush it... it will be more painful. You can only endure it until it goes away. And the best way how to do it is to just feel it. Because the more you want to escape it, the more you want to remove it... the more it stays longer.

Feel the pain until it loses its power. Appreciate it, I know it sounds weird but it is the best way how to deal with it.

When I was 30 years old, I was playing basketball in our alumni league, I accidentally step on the basketball while I was playing defense. I immediately fall into the ground and I felt the pain right away. It feels like I lost my right leg, I thought it was separated from my body, that is how painful it was. I am panicking, I am moving like a snake that was cut into half. I want to somehow lessen the pain by moving by dragging my body into a different spot, but the more I want to push the pain away... the more it becomes painful. I heard one of the concern referees told me "just stay calm and breathe".I follow what he says, I begin to find myself again, I begin to become conscious about how I feel again, I absorb the pain until it subside a little bit. My teammates helped me to stand and I was brought to our bench. I am in completely shocked, I am thinking what could be my injury, I was thinking maybe this will be my last game. I was thinking of a worse injury. But luckily the injury was not severe, I was stopped by the doctor to play for at least 4 months. He said I have to rest without any basketball or conditioning activities.

But my head is so hard, I didn't follow the doctor. While I am resting for 4 months, I am thinking what can make me recover fast. So I begin to study my body, move a little bit and I found out that in recovering from an injury, your biggest enemy is your mind. Even if the injury is already healing, you still can't believe that it is healing because of the pain you got from the past. So I experiment on my body a little bit, I do squats stretching, yoga and some treadmill. While I was doing those activities, I still feel some pain, but a pain that was tolerable. Even if I am feeling those pain, in my mind my knees were getting stronger. I felt good while feeling that pain. I was surprised because in no longer than 4 months I was able to play basketball again but not at the highest level. It was my courage to face the pain that makes me heal fast.

Look at those elite athletes who still win despite of having an injury. Sometimes you don't know if they really have an injury because they still move well. Yes, they still have an injury but they learn how to manage the pain, they learn how to become comfortable with pain and that is why pain cannot control them anymore. Take note that the pain is still there but it doesn't have any power over them anymore.

Cry while peeling the onion. Not cry like a baby but let your teary eyes release some tears. This is another example of feeling the pain until it loses its power. If you are peeling an onion, your eyes will sore, the aroma of the onion is painful. It feels like it has a power to blind anyone. But the solution for this is to just feel it, relax, let your eyes become teary and you will see that your eyes can endure the pain, it will be immune, it can withstand the suffering that the onion gives. Unlike if you rub your eyes or complain about it and stop every now and then, the onion becomes more powerful. It is because you don't want to face the pain so the onion is annoying you more.

In every painful situation, all you have to do is feel the pain, enjoy it, if you can't enjoy it then just be ok with it. You can't complain about it because it will become stronger if you fight it with negativity. Just be happy feeling it, laugh at it and soon it will be gone.

What if the pain is really painful? It doesn't matter what level of pain you have, the same process is required. Just endure it, be ok with it because sooner or later it will have no power over you. The more you think about it, the more you worry about it... the more it will stay in your body. The worse is it is not painful anymore but you still feel the pain because it is already programmed in your mind. Some people even have little pain but it becomes big because they are very dramatic about it, they want sympathy from other people that is why even if it is not painful, they feel that they were still suffering.