August 11, 2016


Everything is a blessing, what you thought of as not a blessing is still a blessing. Some blessings are blessing in disguise while some are blessing in true colors.

If your partner leaves you, at first you thought of it as a bad experience or misfortune but the reality is... it is still a blessing. One day you might find a better, sexier or understanding partner. You might thank your former partner as well for leaving you. You will just laugh at the past and forget it. At first it is really painful because like what I said... there is a blessing that is a blessing in disguise. You might not see the good side yet. But in the end... you will be thankful that you experience that bad experience because you are already experiencing the good side of it.

If you got fired in a job... it might still be a blessing as well. It will open up the better opportunity for you. But of course your attitude should be a blessing for anyone who will accept you. If you want to accept blessing then you should be a blessing as well. No one will accept you if you have a fucked up attitude that will serve as a jinks to anyone.

Everything is a blessing. You give, it is a blessing for anyone. You receive, it is a blessing from someone. Blessing is just rotating, it comes and it goes but it will never ran out.

Every bad thing that happens to you is still a blessing. You'll just have to find the good side of it. And it is not altering reality it is just discovering what is behind the reality.

If you can't find the good side of what is happening to you then it will never happen or you maybe experiencing it already bit you are not aware of it.

Everything is a blessing no matter how tragic it looks like because in the end you will see the meaning of every happening.