August 06, 2016


Everyone wants the rest day, they want weekends, they were always waiting for saturday and sunday. That is why they can't even enjoy the weekdays. That is why their lives were 80 percent misery and 20 percent pleasure.

This is not about what the day is, you can become happy even if it is monday or tuesday. The mindset is what matters here, if it is only monday and you are already hoping that it is saturday then you are not living, you are fast forwarding. You will not appreciate the good things that is happening around you. Your focus is to make time fast and not to live in the moment.

You can even rest during weekends, are you telling me that after work you will not waste a lot of time anymore? how about playing video games in your cellphone after work or even wasting time in social media? don't you think it is not eating your time? You spend a lot of time doing bullshits after work and that is also a big contributor to your tiredness.

The thing is this, you don't need to wait for saturdays or sundays if you can find the happiness in your work. It is your attitude towards work that matters and not the difficulty of the work. If you can enjoy what you are doing and you will see that time flies so fast, you will not notice that it is already saturday.

Stop cursing monday after having a great weekend. Keep in mind that monday is a chance to change your life, be happy because you are still alive and not all people can reach mondays, they were already dead on sundays. Be happy because you are still fit to work and you can contribute something to the world.