August 18, 2016


You are dreaming of a big house but you can't give it to your mama anymore. You already lost confidence because you didn't finish your college. You bum during your college days that is why you can't find a good job. You are dreaming of having a good job but you know you can't find one, you are just dreaming now, you are regretting now.

You are dreaming about winning the championship, you dream about taking the last shot. The problem with you is the ball goes into your hands but you pass it to your teammate who is no better than you. And now you are dreaming what could have happened if you take matters into your own hands. But that was the past, you can't get it back anymore, that was nothing but a dream anymore, all you have is regrets. You dream and at the same time you also regret, there is no difference.

You regret about not taking your business seriously, your business close because of your laziness and irresponsible behaviors and now you are dreaming about getting your business back? Oh, that was just a dream forget about it.

Forget dreams, forget about dreaming of getting something or someone back. Once you took something for granted... dreaming of getting it back is useless, it is pointless, it is nonsense. Dreaming is also regretting because you are just reminding yourself of the things that you can't do anymore. You are dreaming about what could have been if you only did the right thing. And let's say you did the right thing, are you sure that you will succeed? no either.

What you have is now. You can't dream about now, you can't regret about now but you can do everything now. Forget dreams and just focus on the reality. Focus on how to make your life better, focus on the more beneficiary thoughts. It is never too late, you still have time but that time will vanished if you keep on dreaming and regretting.