August 22, 2016


If you are afraid to start because you think you will not enjoy what you will do... don't worry because you will enjoy it later. It is just hard in the beginning but once you focus and you appreciate every movement that you release then you will begin to enjoy it. Even if you hate your task or what you are doing doesn't interest you... you will still enjoy it later, trust me.

Have a mindset of you have no choice but to do it so you will do it, so you will force yourself to have fun in doing it. There is no other way around, the only way to finish a task that doesn't interest you is to enjoy it. Fake the fun until the fun becomes real.

Just like in exercise, at first you don't want to do it but when you started it and become sweaty you will begin to enjoy it. You will even become addicted to it once you build a habit of doing it everyday.

That is why couples who are fighting everyday cannot end their days without fighting. At first they hate fighting because they were hurting each other's feelings but later they learn how to enjoy it, they always fight, their day is not complete without fighting. Shouting, cursing and even hurting each other physically is not new to them anymore. They learn how to live their lives with fighting each other. It becomes a part of their norm, they learned to enjoy it.

So don't worry if you are not enjoying what you are doing now, you will become used to it later. You will learn how to accept it. Do prostitutes love what they are doing in the beginning? definitely not but in the end they learned how to accept and enjoy their job. They are even proud of it.

So don't be choosy and picky of the things that you are supposed to do. Not all time you will be given the benefit of doing only what you love to do. You are not a king nor a president. You're just a human being who is supposed to do some things that will make you survive. If you can't have fun in what you are doing or you are not open to having fun with it then goodluck to you. You will not be able to get the things that you wanted to get.

You can enjoy anything that you do for as long as you are open to enjoy it. It is a matter of conditioning your brain and finding the little fun in a particular task. It is like not wanting to be wet in the rain but the moment you get wet, you already want to take a bath in the rain.

What are you waiting for? LET THE FUN BEGIN!