August 07, 2016


If you really wanted to win then never try to escape from the situation. The situation can either be good or bad but don't ever try to escape from it. Always live in the moment, learn to adapt and find ways how to thrive in the end. 

What do I mean by this? for example... if you are a having a hard time in a pressure situation, what will you do? where do you wanted to go? what is the first thing that you are looking for? COMFORT RIGHT? You wanted to escape the situation, you are looking for the exit door. You don't want the pain, you don't want the moment. It's ok for you to lose just to feel good. and that is the number one habit of losers, they exchange victory for comfort. They want immediate relief not knowing that quitting will haunt them in the end. They will always think of what could have been.

Another example is you are almost succeeding, you are in the final stage, there is lesser pressure in you because you've got a lot of momentum. But because you were so afraid to lose, you begin to become conservative and don't want to take more risks. The result is you lost again. You lost because you are holding back, you want to escape form the situation again because you are so afraid of the limelight. And it is ok, a lot of people were so afraid to become successful even though they have the chance, they still let it go. There is a mystery in the ending, there is some kind of pressure in the final minutes even though you know you can do it, there will be times when you will still doubt yourself and you want to finish right away. Your mind just want everything to end, you don't care if you win or lose, you just want everything to end. 

And you can't win if you are rushing the ending, you can't claim the prize if you don't want to feel every second. Good or bad feelings, you have to embrace it, you can't escape it. You have to be ok being overwhelmed, you have to be cool being pressured. Even if you feel like you've been suffocating and gassing out... you still have to stay on where you are, you cannot exit, you cannot find a replacement. The harder it gets, the more you have to stay focused. 

Looking for an escape means you are giving up. When everything seems impossible... it means you are very near. It means you are just one step closer to success. And don't ever think that there is still a second chance so it is ok to escape from the situation. There can be no second chance, this chance may be the last chance so you have to give everything you've got and feel the pain until you become a winner.