August 20, 2016


Always looking for the clock will make you stuck. It will make you slow and it can't make you go.

Why will you always look for the clock? Is the clock getting faster? is the clock getting slower? will there be an additional seconds if you look at the clock? will the time be lessen if you look at it every now and then.

Looking for the clock has a psychological impact to your success. The bad news is... the impact is negative. It doesn't matter if you get late, it doesn't matter if time is running out, it doesn't matter if there are more time. What matters is you are living in the moment, you are not wishing for the clock to go fast or go slow.

If you wish for the clock to go slow then it will go faster, if you wish for it to go faster then it will become slower. Just enjoy the moment, learn how to appreciate every second.

Look at the MMA fighters who were in big trouble, who were gassing out... they always look for the clock, they wanted to escape the situation very fast. They want to fast forward the time. But what they feel is the clock is getting slower and slower everytime they check it. The three minutes looks like 10 minutes, especially if they were grimacing in pain. If you always look for the clock because you want to stop and rest... you will get tired even more. It feels like the clock is not moving.

Another bad thing about looking at the clock is it will make you rush. This happens when you are almost late, when you have a tight deadline for a project. Always looking at the clock will make you feel that you are running out of time. You will become scared, your heart will pump very fast. Sometimes you can't even move, you are in complete shock and you are worrying if you can still make it or not. You cannot think the right way, you are rattling and panicking like a mouse being hunted by a cut.

Looking for a clock can also make you lazy and slow. Once you know that you have a lot of time, you will relax. You will take it easy, you will do it tomorrow even if you can do a lot today. You will chill. Then when there is lesser time remaining.... tadah! you go back rushing again.

So the key here is don't look for the clock. Just live with the moment, appreciate every second because you can never get it back. Just do what you can do at the moment without the influence of the clock. Accept the speed of the clock, accept the real time because there is nothing you can do about it. You cannot manipulate clock but it can manipulate you.