August 22, 2016


Most people were trapped into something that they wanted to fix. They were working hard to fix something even though they already knew that it's not gonna work. It is like screwing a lost thread screw. No matter how hard you push... the screw keeps on getting damaged.

Why try to fix a friendship that was broken by dishonesty, backstabbing, distrust and abuse if there is a budding friendship with the new people that you meet? It is new and not yet tested but it is working. It is making you feel good, it is making you feel respected and important so why are you still trying to fix an old friendship that is not doing any good to you? You are just fixing something that will be broken again once fixed.

Why are you trying to fix your old and rusty car if you can focus on your new business that has a potential to give you money to buy a new car? You've fixed that shit for a million times and it failed you a million times too. You got almost killed when it stops on the super highway and now you are still giving that car a chance? Commuting is working, your business is working. It makes you faster to transact a business because it is not causing a delay. It may be a little uncomfortable but it has a potential to give you comfort in the future. Commuting is working so just focus on it and throw your shitty car on an old stinky river. Burn it if you want. Sell it to someone who is looking for trouble if you can sell it. Don't try to fix it again because it is not fixing your life.

You are fixing your old shoes, your favorite shoes that I think is the one you use on your JS Prom 28 years ago. You really love it, you said it has a sentimental value. But every time you use it, the sole is falling by itself. Even if you paste it with a glue that will stick forever, it still doesn't work. What if you just use slippers if you don't have any other shoes? you are just going to mall everyday, slippers will also get the job done. Don't try to look classy if in the end you will look trashy.

It is ok to fix things, it is ok to fix relationships but if it keeps on breaking every now and then, then it is time for you to move on and focus on what is working. There are lot of things that will work in your life, all you have to do is give it attention and appreciate it. You spend most of your time and energy on things that weren't working that is why you are living a miserable life. If some part of your life is not working then some part of it is working too. Just focus on what makes your life lighter and smoother. It doesn't matter what it is or how old it is, what matters is it is working and it is making you growing.