August 03, 2016


Life is fast, it will be over before you open your eyes. That's how fast life is so don't ever blink, stay focus and claim what you think is yours.

Did it come across to your mind that yesterday you were just a 14 year old kid with a lot of hopes and dreams, you wanted to become this, you wanted to have that. But now you were already a 32 year old man whose not yet sure where you are going to?

Time is very fast, if you are not focused on what you are trying to achieve, if you are taking time for granted then be scared, because life will bite you in your ass in the end. You will be regretful, you want to go back to the past. And the sad thing is... you cannot go back anymore, you can remember it but you can't change it.

If you blink, life will be over before you even open your eyes, that's how fast time is. It is like changing clothes, it is like eating your favorite ice cream, it is like watching your favorite show. It is very fast you can't even take a hold on it.

So if you really wanted to live life, if you want to experience a lot of things... Stop doing things that are not making your life better, stop doing things that are making the time faster. Things like so much partying, so much hanging out with wrong people, so much giving attention to other people... these things are rubbing out your time. These things are guiding you in the wrong way.

How to make time slow:

1. Work super hard and stay focus. This will make you aware of what you are doing, sometimes you feel that time is very slow because you want results. If you are focus, you will be spending your time in the right way. You will feel pain, you will feel pressure and that makes the time very slow, you want to get away from it. Unlike in sleeping or doing things unconsciously, you didn't even realized that you spend the whole day achieving nothing. You treat a day like it is an ordinary day, but if you will treat a single day a very important day then it will be a very long day. It is tiring and that what makes it very long, you do a lot, you progress a lot, sometimes it even feels like the work is endless.

2. Be in the moment. Be aware of what you are doing. Be aware of what you are feeling. Be aware of what you are speaking. Always be aware of any actions that you are doing. Appreciate any actions that you take, appreciate any events that is happening to your life.

Always rushing and wanting immediate results will make you forget what is going on, it will make you forget what life is all about.

Life is enjoying every second of your life and appreciating all the bad and good that is happening to you,