August 27, 2016


Well, people nowadays were very attractive to expensive things. I cannot blame them because I've been in that situation before. Expensive things will make you feel good. It will make you look rich and successful. It feels like those things have an attached power in it that will make you superior in some ways. You feel like a king in some ways, you feel like you're in a royal family.

I personally believe that you can only patronize expensive things if you are really rich and it doesn't affect your financial status if you buy super expensive things. It's like you're spending thousands but it feels like you're only spending cents. But some people didn't get it, they will still buy expensive things even if they were spending more than they earn.

There is nothing wrong in buying cheap things. Wearing it will not make you look cheap. It depends on how you feel. If you feel confident about it then it will look expensive. There are even people who tries so hard to buy expensive things but they still look cheap when they wear it because they don't really like it, they just want the brand name and the impression of people who will see them wearing those expensive things. They want the "entitlement" that really doesn't exist.

Expensive things looks elegant but not all. Some big brands still produces ugly products, they just fool people by attaching their logo to the products so people will still be encouraged to buy.

Pros of expensive things:

1. It is more durable than cheaper things. The materials used were stronger and finer. It lasts longer than the cheaper things. The products were perfectly made and well polished because there is a lot more budget allocated for these products.

2. It really looks elegant. The expensive things looks more classy, of course the attached name of the brand plays a major role. It makes the products very attractive. The owner of these expensive products will feel proud while using it. Some people were just after the brand names and not the quality itself.

3. You can resell it. This is what makes the expensive things better, unlike the cheap things, you can resell it. If you don't want the product anymore you can resell it anywhere especially online. You can be sure that your item will be bought especially if the brand is very popular. Some people who can't afford to buy brand new will settle on the second hand. Instead of buying cheaper products they still prefer to buy the branded products even though it is a second hand. Because their perspective here is "who knows it is a second hand if it still looks brand new?".

Cons of expensive things:

1. Robbers were very attracted to it. Beware because robbers might hunt you if you look like a mannequin covered with expensive products. These rubbers were not choosing their victims. Once they saw someone who wore a lot of expensive things, they became interested to that person and might as well do not so good things to him. So always stay alert if you are wearing expensive items, especially in crowded places.

2. You will become more careful. Because you are using expensive products, you will be very meticulous in taking care of it that takes more time. For example, if your shirts were very expensive, you will not use washing machine for washing it, you will do handwash instead.

3. You will attached emotions into it. Because it is expensive, you will feel bad if it is damaged. How will you feel if your brother damages your newly bought branded shoes? you will get angry right? but if your shoes is cheap, how will you react? you will even tell your brother to go ahead and destroy it even more.

4. Costs a lot of money. It is very hard to buy expensive things especially if you are not a big earner. Some people will patronize branded products just to look good and in the end they were having difficulty in maintaining their lifestyles.

Pros of cheaper things:

1. There is no so much emotional attachment to it. If it is accidentally damaged, you will never feel bad. You believe you can replace it anytime you want because it is affordable.

2. You can save a lot of money. This is what smart people does, they buy cheap things so they can save a lot of money. And when they feel that their financial status have room for buying expensive things, that is the only time they will do it.

3. You are loose. You will never care so much about your things when they are cheap. You can use it everyday without worrying that it will worn out so fast. You can even let others borrow it without resentment.

Cons of cheaper things:

1. It is less durable. Its lifespan is not that long because cheaper things were built by cheaper materials. What do you expect by buying cheaper things, it can be use forever? No. Expect that anytime it can breakdown or worn out.

2. It can never be resell. Usually people buy second hand products because of the brand name so if you have plans of reselling your things that aren't branded... it may take forever to find someone who will buy your things. My advise is just use it until you can use it.


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