August 27, 2016


So if you really wanted to change then you must start with a very strong, fast effort that will make you overwhelmed. Change is starting fast, it is done without hesitation at all. It is like jumping into an ocean with no safety equipment attached into your body. It is like jumping in without thinking.

You just do it. If you really wanted to change then you just do it. No conditioning, no warm up, no long ceremony, no delays... you just change.

The world doesn't care if you feel bad or not, if you feel overwhelmed or not. If you will not change now, you will get the same shitty results over and over again. You will be trapped in a vicious circle. Your life will be a messed up, you will have a lot of regrets in the end.

Start it with an aggression. If you want to quit being a video game addict then smash your playstation, hit it with a baseball bat, stomp on it, burn it. Sometimes you have to become violent in order to change. If you want to quit smoking then throw all your collection of lighters, throw all your cigarette pack. Feel the pain of changing, yeah it is uncomfortable, it really feels bad but you have to experience it if you really wanted to change.

If you're a fat ass son of a bitch then run. Run now, even if you don't have shoes for running...just run. Even if it is 12 am just run! You can run in your house if you are afraid to go outside, you can do running in place so there is no excuse here. Run with aggression, hate yourself, hate the fats surrounding your body, be wild! It is like being sick and tired of your life so you want an evolution right away. Do the change everyday, do it consistently without missing, make a streak. A streak that you will never break!